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Sunroom Sewing Studio

Current Newsletter

April 5, 2021

April Classes are Full and Fashion Sewing seems to rule!

I generally take May 'off', but if you have 2-4 students gathered who want to set up a class, give me a call!  YOU CAN SET: 

* Day (Tues-Wed-Thurs)

* Time (2-hour classes) and # of classes/specific days

* Age/Skill level

* Project direction:  crafts/gifts/doll clothes/quilting/fashion/up-cycle sewing/fashion/bags & purses/home dec

Thru April 20:  Summer Sewing Camp OPEN for scheduling requests

I don't have any firm summer plans as of yet, so I'm OPEN for you to define which week is good for you!  I run camps Mon through Thurs. for 3 hours per day. Cost at $15/hour = $180.  Depending on projects, I'm happy to supply what I can at little or no cost, but shopping for fabric is also part of the fun.....   

I run camps for 3-4 students, so find some friends and get to tailor your own Summer Sewing Camp!  

New Idea:  Mom + Kids (all in one family, or 2 sets of Mom + Kid) 

BOYS love sewing too - I just don't find girls & boys work well in the same class unless from the same family.  

email Mrs. Londa: 

Call:  217-369-4687

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