Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How with Londa


Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How with Londa


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Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How with Londa 
3 Disc DVD - 3 hours long!  EVERYTHING I know about sewing knits is included! 
Through June 16, 2018 I will throw in a FREE Embellishment DVD


Proof that I 'go the extra mile' in my products, when I found an omission, I recorded an additional 6 minutes .... see it below: 

ENJOY sewing on knits with Londa’s revised and NEW techniques for stress-free sewing on knit fabrics.  

LEARN LONDA’S WAY Identify easy-to-sew and challenging knit fabrics.

  • Identify easy-to-sew vs challenging knit fabrics.
  • Select the BEST notions, needles and threads (brands included!)
  • Determine the best pattern size for you and tweaks to achieve the perfect fit.
  • Move, mark and stitch darts with some NEW techniques! 
  • Choose the best machine and serger stitches for sewing knits.
  • Put 'hidden' features of machines and sergers to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you  
  • Properly stabilize, tri and clip to reduce bulk. 
  • Execute professional round necklines with binding, ribbing and fold-over elastic. 
  • Create Londa's 'Snappy Clean Finish' with clear elastic.
  • Master V necklines with both mitered and lapped techniques.
  • Stitch successfully with twin needles.
  • Spice up your tops with neckline twists, cowls and flounces. 
  • Conquer elastic thread in the bobbin and chain looper for shirring and texture. 
  • Apply elastic for flattering shirred details. 
  • Set in sleeves without ease-stitching ... and its NOT the sleeve-to-the-freed-dogs method. 
  • Stitch a professional-poking and figure-flattering hemline with out diagonal drag. 
Review:  from NOTIONS Magazine - American Sewing Guild, Summer 2015:  Read HERE


I just finished disc 3 (for the first time!) from hour new Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How DVD and had to tell you how great it is!!!  I have been sewing since I was 10 years old (just a year or so, Ha Ha!) and still learned many new things.  You reminded me that when I get down I should "go to my room" and sew.  It always makes things better.  
You have a great eye for color and pattern.  This has made me look at myself differently and the styles that look best on me.  
I am sorry that I can't make it to the spring retreat this year because my niece is getting married that weekend.  I hope to come next year because I enjoyed it so much."Please keep teaching!!  You are wonderful at it and I aways learn so much."

Julie Roe-Smith  

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