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Waterfall & Black Sparkle Poly Top - XXL

Waterfall & Black Sparkle Poly Top - XXL

SKU: polyblackstripe_tabbard

Waterfall & Black Sparkle Poly Top - XXL

Totally created with 'stash' fabric leftovers, this top came together quite easily.  The black+brown+tan+taupe+aqua poly print body was absolutely the last I had left from a lovely fabric found at .  An unusual sparkle plus ribbon stripe in blacks along the sides create a slimming, lengthening effect while the sparkle dot poly created a draped face-framing collar.  Size XXL  

CARE:  Machine wash delicate - line dry

FIBER CONTENT:  100% Polyester 


Center Front Length - 26" 

Side Seam Length - 17" 

Center Back Length - 30" 

Circumference at underarm (bust) - 48" 

Circumference at hip/hemline:  50"   

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