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Two T's to Raglan We the People - XL

Two T's to Raglan We the People - XL

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Two T's to Raglan We the People - XL


The grey T-shirt 'We the People - Are Pissed Off' is combined wiht the sleeves of a man's blue T-shirt and scarps from a red T-Shirt to create this 'peasant' top - Size xL.  As shownk it can be worn ON or OFF the shoulders. 

The sleeves are 3/4 length, and end in the original cuff from the shirt.  

Each sleeve has a 'white' spot on the back - which is hardly noticeable unless pointed out, as I have done in the accompanying photographs.  However, I have decreased the price from $69 to $49 because of this slight flaw.  

All materials have been pre-washed beforfe construction.  

CARE:  Turn i nside out, and machine was delicate.  To make the screened image on the front last longer, I suggest hang to dry rather than machine dry.  Do NOT touch an iron directly to the screen printing, but use a pressing cloth or gently press from the back side of the shirt. 


Circumference at underarm: 45" + stretches

Neckline circumference at elastic:  32"  stretches to 60" 

Lower circumference: 44" + stretches 

Length at center front: 26" 

Length at center back:  26.5" 

Length at side seam:  17" 

Sleeve length from top of ruffle to hem:  22" 

Sleeve length from underarm seam to hem:   12" 

Cuff Cirdumference:  8' = STRETCHES TO 14" 


    $69.00 Regular Price
    $49.00Sale Price
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