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Living Well Pattern Booklet - PDF Delivery

Living Well Pattern Booklet - PDF Delivery

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Living Well - Creative Sweatshirt Pattern Booklet by Londa - PDF Delivery

These 2 jacket designs are based on the concept of a unique center front design.  The 'SWIRL JACKET features an added underlap. The WEDGE JACKET' is an angular design created by adding a 'wedge' at the right front edge of covered polar fleece. The lower ribbing is utilized for a neck-hugging collar and left front finish, and a VERY long length, achieved by adding yokes cut from polar fleece.  

As proven with the black SWIRL JACKET, these designs can easily be executed out of a full-bodied double knit as well as a top quality sweatshirt as the base. 

The Bonus 'Talking' aspect of this pattern is no longer available due to technological changes. The booklet has been written to stand alone with complete directions.  

 If you have ANY problems downloading once your order is complete, please notify Londa at and I will be most happy to assist you! 


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