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Lilac Cotton/Poly Ruffle-Trimmed T Top - Medium

Lilac Cotton/Poly Ruffle-Trimmed T Top - Medium

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Lilac Cotton/Poly Ruffle-Trimmed T Top - Medium 

This top is another sample garment - used to show off a Clover gathering tape when I designed and created it.  It is another of my sample garments ready to 'see the light' in someone's wardrobe.  Due to the couching of a decorative yarn at the hip hemline, which prevents the garment from stretching further than 41"at the hip.   This hemline embellishment yarn could easily be removed to allow for more stretch.   

Lilac Cotton/Poly Ruffle-Trimmed T Top - Medium 


Please compare these measurements to a garment similar in  your wardrobe that fits you as you desire.  This is a knit garment through the body, so realize it will stretch both vertically and even more horizontally.                         
LENGTHS   CF = Center Front    CB = Center Back 

1. CF to hemline: 19" 
2. CB to hemline: 23.5"
3. Side Seam underarm to Hemline: 15.5"
4. Underarm Sleeve Seam:  11"
5. Shoulder armhole seam to lowermost edge sleeve:  25" - these sleeves are quite long, meant to 'puddle' some

6. Shoulder Point to  Shoulder Point: 17"
8. Back  5” down at Center Back from armhole to armhole:  16"
9. Bust at underarm seam:  40" 
10. Hip at hemline:  35" at 'rest' to 41" when stretched 

Size according to most home sewing patterns:  Medium - Size 12 
Ready-to-Wear Size best guess:  Medium 

Main fabric:  cotton - lighter trim is polyester

CARE RECOMMENDATION:  Machine wash - delicate, cool.  Line dry or cool/delicate


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