Button Craft Thread -  similar to that used in 'Alabama Chanin' work

Button Craft Thread - similar to that used in 'Alabama Chanin' work

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Coats Dual Duty Plus Button and Craft 10wt Thread 

3/30/21:  Stock on hand is current.  If you want a color that shows out of stock, please email or call me (Londa) and I will be happy to find out if it is available at my supplier BEFORE you place your order. 

This is a thread I've personally found to be very similar to the thread used for the famous and wonderful 'Alabama Chanin' look hand stitching. This thread is made in Mexico.  Available in 10 colors.  The price is for 1 box (3 of the same color.) 

The strongest and heaviest HAND sewing thread. Cotton Wrapped, Polyester Core, Polished Glace Finish prevents tangling and abrasion. 50yds per spools.
75% polyester  25% cotton 

Comparison Notes from Londa :  Alabama Chanin offers 9 colors, also in boxes of 3/color for $ 10.  Their thread is on cream-colored spools, and wound 75 yards per spool, where this is 50 yards per green-colored spool.  Both their thread and this thread are titled "Button & Craft" thread.  Both are made in Mexico.  This is 75%poly, 25% cotton, theirs is marked 74% Polyester, 26% cotton.  The additional colors I offer include Forest Green and Natural.  I believe what they call Burgundy is the Chona Brown that I offer, but I am not absolutely certain at this writing.  I have ordered in this thread in some basic colors for my own use and agree that it works well in the Milliner's larger sized needles and yields the STRENGTH and ease that creating a hand-sewn garment of cotton jersey requires.  Since there are so many similarities between what Alabama Chanin offers, and this thread, my conclusion is that this thread will work in a very similar manner, though this is not their actual thread.  Purchase their thread if you want the exact thread.  www.alabamachanin.com 

Price Comparison done for you:   this thread works similar to that used in the Alabama Chanin-type stitching, for less cost.  

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