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Elvis Up-Cycled Denim Jacket

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

While creating my 'Elvis Collection,' I decided that a classic denim jacket would be a good addition - so off to Goodwill I went. Score...I found a large and long Jantzen Jacket with dropped sleeves and interesting red cotton plaid flannel buttonhole pockets for $7.99! I was so anxious to get started, that I failed to snap a picture of the jacket with the red plaid flannel pocket welts...but here is my final result.

I DID get this picture proving my AMAZING purchase, and size of this Jantzen jacket.

You can also see the beginning of the Elvis orange T-shirt with screenprinting - but again, I'd already started cutting away. Those first cuts are HARD, but honestly - You just MUST make a first decision and CUT CUT CUT...just be sure you leave extra around if you possibly can.


At this point in the design process, I'd already decided that I would utilize the E-L-V-I-S letters and the bottom strip 'The King of Rock & Roll' separately.

Next, it was time to start playing with those letters ON the jacket ON my dressform.

Note also the post note pinned to the neck: When I'm designing...I often come up with ideas and so I don't forget them, I WRITE THEM DOWN so I don't forget! What I've written: "Use the silk foulard tie on the collar and for tabs on the 3 buttonhole pockets, and cuffs - perhaps also binding the cuffs and collar with scraps of the orange heathery Elvis T-shirt." For what it's worth, I have NEVER EVER gone back to my Sewing Studio and stuck with a project for more than a couple of hours at a time. My process needs some 'dreaming' time I suppose.