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Yoga Pant + T-Shirt = Elvis Jacket

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

This up-cycle project took many twists and turns, but diligence paid off in the end. I started with an Elvis T-shirt and a pair of grey harem-style knit pants from Nike outlet store that turned into the sleeves and lower band + collar.

The first interesting detail I learned was when I ripped off the upper wide waistband. Inside I found it to be totally underlined with an almost girdle-type power net mesh fabric plus of course the elastic. I snapped this picture to try this construction method myself sometime, and carefully ripped out and saved that meshy power net. This wide waistband became the lower finish of my jacket.

That Nike outlet in Memphis was definitely worth the visit! Check out this pricetag. Even considering these pants as 'fabric', this is quite a deal! PLUS, the harem style offered that much MORE fabric.

Below you can see the width of the harem style accommodating the sleeve. There is a double layer there, and an angled seam on the lowermost layer that does show up on the right sleeve on the Back View Photo several pictures down. You can also see that the lower leg bands of the pant then became the cuffs at the bottom of the sleeves.