YLI Wonder Invisible Thread-Clear

YLI Wonder Invisible Thread-Clear

SKU: wonder-clear

YLI Wonder Monofilament Thread  

The manufacturer says:  "The top thread for machine quilting .004 1500 yd / 1375 m. The very finest monofilament thread available. Use in the bobbin and needle for a really blind hem. Can be used in sergers or conventional machines." 

Londa says:  "My favorite monofilament thread - nylon.  Cross-wound spool so can use it both on horizontal and vertical thread delivery spindles.  1500 yards.  VERY fine at .004 

Select Clear for light colors - Smoke for dark colors.  

I use for couching yarns at 3.0 long and just wide enough to go over the yarn.  I use only in the needle, and lower the upper tension however much is needed so that I don't see the regular thread in the bobbin peaking at each side of the zigzag."