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Creative Jacket Journey DVD Sweatshirt Make-Overs

Creative Jacket Journey DVD Sweatshirt Make-Overs

SKU: cjj-dvd

CREATIVE JACKET JOURNEY -  TWO DVD's in the case and 4 hours 46 minutes long on how Londa creates good fit and style in Sweatshirt Make-Overs 


With $20 Minimum Order - receive this DVD FREE, AND Creative Sweatshirt Jackets - Book FREE with your order!!!  Londa just tucks it into your order - nothing for you to even do!



  •  Design principles for creative sewing decisions
  •  TWO techniques for flattering FIT
  •  Logical sequence of design and stitching steps
  •  When and where to stabilize edges
  •  Embellishment ideas: how-to's, which to use, which to save for future projects
  •  Edge, hem and neckline finishes
  •  Bias properties utilized to full potential
  •  What to do when you are stuck
  •  Taking control. . .letting and HEARING the fabric 'talk' to you!

Featuring Londa's™ Patterns™:Genesis Too™ and Worthy™

Gain confidence in the creative process as Londa & Gloria design, fit, construct and embellish TWO stylish jackets.


Londa Says:  "With just the Casual Jacket Pattern, you could do the Blue Jacket along with the DVD! This video will be extremely helpful when constructing/designing ANY of my sweatshirt jacket designs, whether they are in pattern booklets, or either of my books:  Creative Sweatshirt Jackets Londa's Way...Book 2 or Sweatshirt Transformations. 

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