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Casual Knit Jacket Pattern - PDF Delivery

Casual Knit Jacket Pattern - PDF Delivery

SKU: casualjkt-prtd

Casual Knit Jacket Pattern - PDF Delivery

My pattern pieces for a simple Front, Back, and Sleeve for use in creating a casual knit jacket - especially when utilizing a sweatshirt as 'fabric'. 

ALL of my jacket patterns INCLUDE this pattern - you do NOT need to purchase this if purchasing any of my other patterns! 

Additionally, this pattern would be a great 'combo' with my Creative Jacket Journey DVD so that you could 'sew' along with Disc 1 - the Triumph Blue Jacket.    


Audio on Talking Patterns Is No Longer Supported The original pattern directions were written to stand alone, but with the Free BONUS feature called ‘Talking Patterns’. It is a fact that computer technology continually changes, so while the additional large color photos are still available at the URL given (and corrected as communicated), the audio no longer works on most modern browsers, as Flash Player is no longer supported.

If you have ANY problems downloading once your order is complete, please notify Londa at and I will be most happy to assist you! 

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