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WACO TX Creative Design Idea Shopping

Shopping for creative ideas and to observe sewing construction seems to have become a favorite pastime of mine this summer!  I’m actually almost out of space on my computer, so since photos take so much space, it is necessary and fun to ‘clean them off’ and to share them with you all at the same time.

On my way to the Compass Centre for that Sewing Retreat, a WACO stop.

(see Blog Post on that HERE), I stopped in at Chip and Joanna Gaines’ land – Waco, TX and the Magnolia Market, and other shops in that unique town.  Sew…. come shopping with me!

Magnolia Market

Right inside the front door, I was quite taken with this display…

The writing says: “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what you have into enough and more.”  I was just so intrigued with how the yarn appeared to ‘come from’ the antique spools, then become the crewel embroidery on the screen of these old screens. windows.  The saying was cut of metal, it appeared to me.

Gratitude saying

‘Embroidered’ Strainer and Sifter

Along the same lines, these kitchen sieves or strainers and the flour sifter at the right were something I’d never seen before.  This idea might make the perfect Christmas gift for someone on your list.  It is time to start thinking about gift-making,ouya know.

Embroidered Strainers


How about this for an EZ T?  Simply cut out areas from the front and back and ALSO the sleeves for pretty simple ‘Cold Shoulders’!!!  I’m not sure how long this ‘construction technique’ would hold up, but for the cost of $52 it seemed a bit ridiculous to this gal.

Cold Shoulder Cut Out
raw edged T detail

And here is an absolutely raw edge on this pocket – stretched out on purpose, it seems for the ‘baggy’ look.  Again, not my cup of tea. However, for the ‘look’ that seems ‘in’ these days…I suppose one could call it ‘texture’, eh?

raw edge pocket top

Holey Jeans with Patches

Personally, I’m not a fan of all the ‘holes’ in jeans. At least, for the $89 price tag, they patched these after creating the hole.  I have to laugh when I realize that someone had to work hard to leave select white crosswise threads.

Patched holey jeans

Not Moth Holes

Knits don’t ravel but for $39… What is your opinion? Sometimes I just have to stifle my giggles.

perforation texture in T-shirt

Just cut the edge of the ribbing for a ‘finish’

Peeking inside, you can see the seam allowance of the top inside the ribbing that sandwiched it. $49. 🙂

inside peek of cut ribbing

Bound Edge Finishes 

I’ve been ‘observing’ the ‘finish’ of bound edges for quite awhile, both in ready-t0-wear and in pattern directions.  Though obviously easier, the steps below do not yield a very nice finish in my opinion.

  1. Stitch one seam only before applying finish: a binding or a ribbing.  For example, when finishing a neckline – stitch only 1 shoulder seam. Or, for an armhole, stitch only the shoulder seam, but not the underarm seam.

  2. Apply the finish (ribbing or binding).

  3. Stitch the remaining seam – passing through the finish.

This will be quite a bulky ‘finish’, and will leave the seam allowance of the finish to be dealt with.  Yes, it is easier, as this is what is commonly called a ‘flat’ finish, since one doesn’t have to work ‘in the round’ as is necessary if both seams are sewn first.

Here is a picture (from my shopping) of what this finish looks like.

Simple Finish

I vote for stitching both seams first, THEN applying the binding or ribbing.  Though a tad more difficult, it results in SUCH a nicer finish.  I teach this technique, along with everything else I know about sewing knits,  in my 3 disc DVD:  Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How.   The DVD set is currently on sale for just $25 instead of its normal $32.95. 

Next posts will be about the garments I created at the retreat – ‘see’ you then.


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