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USA Pride Jacket

To show my national pride (and prayers) I just finished this red-blue-white (well, silver) jacket. It pretty much follows the Yellow Jacket in my Transformed pattern. The prints on the shoulder (which extends to a similar shape on the tucked and shaped back) and the pocket are pieced from men’s old ties. One tie was cut into 3/8″ bias strips for the ‘connecting piece, topped with red furry yarn couched down. The flattering princess lines are just that combo of tie bias and yarn. A strip of Snap Tape (limited quantities available at surrounds the base of the neck and the sleeves. Jumbo Snaps (1.5 sets) create the base of the focal point. The face-framing collar is created by utilizing the lower band of the sweatshirt, interfaced, and lined inside with another striped tie. I seamed it on the center back inside so that the stripes nicely chevron.

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P.S. I refrained from adding an elephant somewhere – but that is my personal sentiment – based entirely on the sanctity of life issue.

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