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THIS is how you shop…for creative clothing ideas!

A great top + a fitting room + a camera + a mirror …. creative sewing inspiration!

Too bad my Captivating Cowls pattern was done and at the printer, as when I found this top at the Cache store, my heart went pitter patter…and I pattered it right into the fitting room to snap this photo of it – on me!  You can do the same.  You probably won’t come up with the EXACT same garment – but that’s fine. It’s the IDEAS you are looking for.  With our cameras right on our phones, it’s pretty EZ to snap photos – even right in the store….

Keep posted to my Blog – you MIGHT see this top yet.  I would have purchased it if I hadn’t already weakened and bought 2 hot pink tops already this spring.  Mental notes and quick sketches are readily available for when I try to re-create it though!

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