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ReCycle Jacket with Sweat, Jeans, Tie

The Second jacket for my Unity pattern – this one to replace a favorite of mine (and apparently someone else’s – as it was swiped right off a HIGH rod in my booth at the Houston Quilt Festival! Grrrrrr.). Sure hope they are enjoying it as much as I did! 🙂

I’m also hard at work figuring out how to easily do – and share/teach – how to cut the sleeves out, recut the cap, and an armscye – so you can have a less bulky look and feel under the arms on these jackets – yet still maintain the comfy factor of the sweatshirt to begin with.

That’s the task for me today – after I finish this one up.

What you see here is the bottom, outer main portion of that tie, all opened up and split right down the middle. I like using that wider tip up at the top. I stitched the right side of the tie to the wrong side of the sweatshirt, (which I had been sure to stabilize with fusible straight tape!). THen, folded it to the outside. I don’t even turn that outer edge under. I just zigged it down, then couched the yarn over top.

I’m afraid those butterflies won’t be ‘flittering around’ on this jacket – they’re just ‘too much’. I have to remember my motto: “Less is Best” .

My dear Sis wrote that she wanted to see bigger pictures – and have more how-to’s in this Blog. Hmmmm – that’s what the patterns are for, my dear!

My intent here is just to intrigue you and inspire you…..to do the same, and if you’d like, to buy my patterns. They will be available – added to the 3 I already have available – by early March. My goal is for the big show in Puyallup – 3, if not 4 new ones! all at my new site: http://www.makeasweatshirtjacket.com/

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