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Personal Sewing Plans…FUN!

OK – since I’ve designed and stitched 14 jackets since mid December (2 to go)…a Secret Project… I’m gearing up to do some PERSONAL sewing!

From the Teal jacquard knit – 2nd from left, purchased from Emma Seabrooke at Schaumburg…

Vogue 1250 – a classic DKNY I imagine will be in my wardrobe for a LONG time – AND serve as impetus to NOT gain weight! Would you believe this takes only 1.25 yards? I hardly could – so bought 3 just in case – and then to make a T as well…

The paisley knit – also from Emma – is a brushed almost polyester I think. It will be a top – of some sort – and I think I’ll get some pink chiffon to play at the neck – ala this great idea on a gal who came into my booth – and was kind enough to let me take photos of this great sweater she purchased. Evidence of all the BIAS raw edges on sheers out there!

I saw another great little finish at Chico’s the other day – I will return – perhaps tomorrow – and snap a photo to add…. just a touch of bias finishing the neckline – TOO CUTE! This finish would be better on a jacket as shown…but then I might have enough of this pink paisley for a Jacket AND a T… that’s an idea! Stay tuned……

Vogue 1208 – Platt design – just another classic I HAD to have for $3.99 – why not? It might be a strong option for the hand-dyed aqua/blue silk charmeuse at the right of the fabric photo… But, for SURE with the matte, NOT SHINEY side out! Perhaps I’d bind the neckline with a bias of the shiney side, but no sheen on MY hips!

That 3rd fabric from the right was a Vogue Fabrics ‘steal’ – a poly georgette – on tap might be: This flippy little number featuring flounces… Vogue 1104

OR… Vogue 1158 caught my eye – perhaps out of the silk charmeuse…

This Kay Unger classic just HAD to join my ‘collection’….. for any wedding upcoming, I think it would be PERFECT! – especially out of silk dupioni. Now – who is gonna get married? NOt a problem – with a super hubby who I get to dance with every Friday night (at least when I’m home..) I have the perfect excuse for pretty dresses!

Vogue 1160 – Polka Dot dress above… I’m adding this for several reasons – I think it is an adorable dress – but I also KNOW it is pathetic color/print for the blonde model!!! I mean really – do you see HER in the dress, or just the DRESS? 3 guesses, and the first 2 don’t count! Take in my ‘Frumpy to WOW’ class at a show – or at my upcoming Creative Sewing Get-Away Weekend May 12-15 and you’ll understand WHY this is SO Bad!

This one just simply intrigues me – gotta see how it is made. Another option for the silk charmeuse on the right –

Seems to really need a belt though…could be a sash of the shiny side of the fabric…

Vogue 1223 from Anne Klein.

Vogue 1232 – now this one has a ‘split personality’ in my book. I don’t get that tailored bodice with this flippy, unique flounce skirt. I bought it to create a SKIRT only!

Sew…there you have it – some plans anyway – and that’s half the fun of sewing!!! Comment away – chime in with what YOU are planning to sew for spring/summer 2011!~

For Londa’s books, patterns, and supplies as described in her sewing escapades, please see Londa’s Creative Threads –

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