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Pattern Publication Process… Proceeding

Finally – have the cover for the new, revised Refined Too™ pattern! Hard at work today on all the images for the albums that go with it. Durn it if they hadn’t all but disappeared in my Picasa Albums I thought I had all DONE! Do you notice- my body is in the jackets – that took a 3 hour session at the photographer’s last week. Of course, I think I look heavy – even my son commented as such. But it was easier than pinning, stuffing, etc. the arms on a mannequin. Let me know if you like this change!

Pretty much, this pattern thing is like birthing a baby – but more about that in my Video E-mail I want to get to today!

ON target with this one now – need about 2 more proofs of the contents with my printer then they can go to press.

Talented webmaster son has to do his magic on the Talking Oral directions….

Sew…. hopefully by the middle of next week for the ‘Birthday’!

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