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Observations on Jeans

Was just ironing my Coldwater Creek Jeans and made some interesting observations… On this pair – waistband cut on straight of grain at center back – where there is a seam in the waistband underneath the belt loop….and then the waistband is bias at the center front…

Whereas…on this lighter pair – it is opposite – straight grain at front, and bias at back…????

And – the back of the legs are MUCH larger – all the way down – than the fronts…back of the jeans is at the top of the photo…and note that the INSEAM is topstitched – NOT the side seam. Furthermore, the topstitching – on this seam only, has only one row of gold stitching, the other is navy and you can’t see it… ???

ANd – the side seams are NOT topstitched – which drives me CRAZY by the way – cause that seam allowance always flips the other way – and ironing my jeans is one thing – but inside out first to press the seam allowances properly – that’s another issue – I will NOT do!

If anyone has explanations for all these observations – reasons why – etc. please enlighten me and the rest of us.

I wonder…………does anyone else notice things like this while ironing?

By the way – if you make your own jeans, or need to do hemming or altering – I carry that gold (Topaz) Jeans Stitch thread – it is heavier than normal… And I’d recommend a Jeans/Denim Needle size 90 or 100 – test to see which works for you… Or even perhaps the Topstitching Needle…size 90 or 100... Wish I could say exactly which one would work, but all depends on your machine, and the denim weight. Needles are 25% off regular prices EVERY DAY at

Was fun to teach my Care & Feeding of your Sewing Machine class at the Cincinnati Creative Festival – and it was VERY well received. Look for it at more sewing shows around the country. Think I’ll even revive my old class taught at my fabric store years ago: Londa’s Secrets….

For a written version of most of the Care & Feeding class – find it at my Free Info, along with lots of other great FREE information! ish I could

For Londa’s books, patterns, and supplies as described in her sewing escapades, please see Londa’s Creative Threads –

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