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New pattern: Genesis Too™ now available…

Genesis Too™ was top seller for me at the Rocky Mountain Sew Expo in Denver. Next Thurs. and Fri., I will be using it at a workshop for the DeKalb Quilt Guild. I’m SEW excited! This was a real labor of lover, and it turned out SO good – if I might brag…. If you want a beginner project – THIS is IT! PLUS, the entire Section II is like my ‘Frumpy to Wow’ and ‘Embellishment’ classes added as the frosting on the cake! Of course, this is a Talking Pattern™ – meaning I’ve taken a photo of EVERY step of the process, the recorded my personal tutorial for each and every photo. All that and more is posted on the dedicated webpage for this pattern – which, of course, you only get with purchase of the pattern. Still work best by reading and seeing? Well – it’s all printed for you as well – now with the most vital photos printed in the pattern booklet.

Sew…for yourself, for your sewing group, guild, or shop – I recommend this pattern, Genesis Too™!!! ANY questions – just holler – I’m home and working hard on transforming another favorite pattern, Refined™ into talking format!

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