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Napkin of Ideas from Snoop Shopping on Vacation

Not jacket design – but, OH, was that cream cheese blended with salmon ever good! Top right: a little T-shirt on a gal at a table next to us in a restaurant. The stretched elastic around the neck, down the center front, and around the armscye (but not under the armscye) was really a nice, simple, feminine touch. Can’t wait to try it – utilizing Clear Elastic and my trusty Twin Stretch Needle.

Center Scooped Neckline: This was in a shop – many different ribbings – different colors – attached together for the front neckline. Fodder for the new sweatshirt jacket pattern my brain has started on featuring sweaters and sweatshirts….

Sleeve below above sketch: Yet another idea for insertion of sweater fabric for a sweatshirt jacket sleeve…

carlopick? well – I thought that was the label in some neat knit dresses – but, alas, Google’s page 1 doesn’t take me anywhere – shucks!