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More Sewing & Design Decisions on Londa’s New Up-Cycle Top

Updated: May 26, 2022

I rarely do an up-cycle sewing project where I don’t change my mind and direction – at least once. You will see that happen – along with my thinking process during this day’s video. If you’ve never done free motion quilting on your clothing – I encourage you to give it a try. I share How-To’s in this days’ video. I find it a very wonderful embellishing skill, especially to join 2 fabrics to make them drape and ‘act’ as one. At my website, I offer the monofilament thread – the brands I share in this video at these links:

Sadly, day 4 hasn’t materialized quite yet. The best laid plans….. However, I do have a good start on the collar and I’m excited about that. Then all that left is stitching in the hems and re-inserting the sleeves after I cut new sleeve caps using my Terrific T pattern.

Stay tuned…..

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