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Mary Ellen’s Best Press

Just finished some ironing of my hubby’s shirts with : Mary Ellen’s Best Press – The Clear Starch Alternative I have the Lavender Fields scent – hummm – sew much nicer than spray starch!!!! It is in a non-aresol spray bottle – 16.9 fl oz. . Descrived as “Clear Fragrant Miracle Starch with Soil Guard and Wrinkle Resister”, this ‘stuff’ makes ironing easier, smell delightful, and it doesn’t flake, even on dark fabrics. Since it is in spray bottle, gone are my days of throwing away a can of spray starch just because the nozzle is clogged! It really does seem to relaxes stubborn wrinkles, gives clothes a crisp, new finish and it says it even makes clothes soil-resistant. My sister – an active quilter – had actually told me it was getting raves on lists she was on – then I saw that I could get it from my supplier – so I got some in to test. It comes in 2 other scents – so I’m ordering those in tomorrow. Just $6.95 – which is more than spray starch, but worth it in my book!!!

Try it – y ou’ll like it, I really think you will! \ To order – click on the blue name of the product at the top of this post – Mary Ellen’s Best Press – that will take you right to my website where you can purchase it. Order 2 bottles – you’ll save on shipping in the long run!

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