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Londa’s New Books

Sorry I’ve ignored my Blog…I’ve been publishing my new books on DVD, and going to sewing shows around the country with my hubby of now 35 years!!!

I published Creative Sweatshirt Jackets on CD back in 2006 (or was it 2005?) which included jackets I’d created from sweatshirts – 65 of them….

I’ve kept this creative sewing ‘engine’ churning…and now photo’d and filmed up through Jacket #127! I KNOW I’ve made over 200 great one-of-a-kind jackets since I started this right before my shop closed 4 years ago now.

Anyway – I now have: VOLUME II – Creative Sweatshirt Jackets: Continuing the Journey which is a sequel to the first book, on DVD. Jackets #66#127 are included in its Gallery – with lots of pictures and chatting about each, in addition to the BOOK portion of how-to’s. It does NOT repeat all the basic techniques, rather builds on them. It does, however, include video clips which do teach techniques. If you know how to sew, you could certainly just get this new book. $24.95

Ultimate Edition – Creative Sweatshirt Jackets This is a combination of Book I and Volume II – PLUS a Bonus Gallery from book I that is expanded with more and larger pictures and more chatting about each of those first 65 jackets. At the sewing shows (where I now have a Power Point presentation for my class!), this book on DVD has been the very most popular. $38.95

Both books are DVD format – which means, in your TV DVD player you can see the 15 video clips, but in your computer DVD-ROM, you can see the video clips alone, or at the appropriate time within the ‘text’ of the book. I could NOT have done all this without the guidance and help of my wonderful #1 son, Jeff Rohlfing!!!

All 3 of my books are on ‘special’ Introductory Pricing through July 9, 2007. Book I on CD – $18.00 Book II on DVD – $22.95 Ultimate Edition on DVD – $35.83

I have made a fresh new committment to this Blog – so watch for more posts – share about it with your friends, and email me for an invitation to join. Monitoring members is the way to keep this Blog relevant and friendly to creative sewing – ONLY!

Next week will find me SEWING again – YEA!!! I’m excited to have been invited to create a jacket with directions for Sew Savvy Magazine – March issue. I had a great time at the PCM Show in Cincinnati gathering up fabrics to go with a bright yellow/gold/green Crone Art button (new art clay embellishments just added at I’ve been dreaming nightly about the design for this jacket! I also have to create a new jacket for display at the AQS Nashville show – coming up August 20-24.

Watch for pictures….

I look forward to your comments and sharing.


For Londa’s books, patterns, and supplies as described in her sewing escapades, please see Londa’s Creative Threads –

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