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Silky Feminine Blouses Return-Part 1: Design

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Are you seeing them too?  Feminine, flouncy blouses are making a come-back!  This blouse story was all over when I was watching the newest season of one of my favorite series:  Designated Survivor.  The flowy softness of flounces just really seems to flatter everyone.  Here’s a view from the side.

flouncy femnine blouse

Flounces on V-Neck and cuff.

And from the front, you can see that those sleeve  flounces extend up a slit at the top of the sleeve.  My guess is that it extends 8″  in a slit right up the center of the lower sleeve – almost to the elbow.

Front view of flounce femininity.

And yet another v-neck blouse I caught on the same episode.  (Taking photos of the TV – which is not easy, gives my hubby great entertainment! )  The other thing I observed was that both of these blouses had excessively long sleeve length.

Tucked in Trim-Ness

Along with feminine blouses, I’m also observing tops tucked INto well-fitted skirts and pants with regular, ‘real’ waistlines.  Just sayin’, gals time to trim down.  The other series I watch – mainly for fashion – is House of Cards.  As I roamed the local mall today, I have to say that too often – women especially may as well not bother to put on clothes, they fit SO tightly and revealing.  I digress…back to sewing.

Sew…. not having any of these classic feminine blouses in my current wardrobe, I thought I’d consider making at least one when I get around to some personal sewing.  SURELY there are current patterns featuring these details I thought…but after an online look through the Big 4 pattern companies – alas, I found none.

SURELY, I have some classic ‘oldies but goodies’ out in my pattern cabinet stash in the garage…

sew… I took a gander just now, and – GRRRRRR, no luck!  When I sorted through my HUGE pattern collection as we were down-sizing before moving from IL to TN 3 years ago, I remember forcing myself to let go of oh, SO many classics.  Silly, silly me!  BUT, oh, how very happy I am that I insisted on moving both of the pattern cabinets that I took home after closing my retail storefront back in 2003.

Thankfully, I know how to create those feminine flounces, and shared the how-to’s  in my pattern:  Flirty Flounces. 

PDF Version HERE.  Printed version HERE.

Flirty Flounces Pattern

I shared my Flounce drafting How-To’s in this episode of It’s Sew Easy TV (and it’s also in my 3 Disc DVD:  Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How). 

Hemming Techniques – coming up in next week’s Blog Post:  Aug. 30

I had exciting news lately, Feedspot has deemed my Blog one of top 200 Sewing Blogs!  You might want to check them out:

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