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Londa’s Kit Creation Process

I thought you might be interested in the ‘process’ that I use when pulling together the Kits I offer as I travel around to sewing Expos, Guilds, and shops…..

FIRST:  I get to SHOP!  For fabric – the ‘Main  Actress’ in a kit – the fabric that does the ‘talking’ on a jacket…  I shop at the Expos, stores (yes, including chain stores!), AND even my own wardrobe – clothing  I’m not wearing, AND my boxes of scraps from garment sewing (which I have separated into boxes by color).  I make sure that there is enough of this ‘Main Actress’ to embellish a jacket…and at this point, I am looking over my jacket designs, and ‘listening’ to the this fabric ‘talk’ to me telling me where it would look good in an art-to-wear jacket.     And yes, I have to keep track with labeling, what I pay for everything…this is business!

Kit creation - the Process!

Kit creation – the Process!

SECOND:  Then I start surveying my solid and small print collection for ‘Supporting Actresses’ – usually two that coordinate with the ‘Main Actress’ – AND with the available colors of sweatshirts I can get in mind, as I recommend that background color on the card that goes into the KIT.  These are the many ‘groups’ you see here on my ‘floor’  waiting for completion.

THIRD:  With recommended designs in mind (that are also listed on the Kit Card), I then go on the ‘hunt’ for the needed number of buttons – that will coordinate with the fabrics, background, AND serve as that all-important ‘Focal Point’.

FINALLY:  I search for yarn or decorative thread, some kind of trim to provide the ‘connection’, which in design-terms provides the ‘rhythm’.

Without all of these parts, the collection (of whatever) gets put on the shelf until I can come up with the needed ‘piece’.

PRESENTATION:  Along the way, I need to be pressing and folding it all so that all parts can be seen, and fit into the poly zip bags that I use.  In order that everything stay in place within the bag, I have to use double-stick tape.  I use as small of pieces as necessary, and have not found that the tape totally harms any fabric.  In the rare case that it does leave some sticky residue that might not come off, I see that as a ‘creative opportunity’.

COST/PRICING:  The most UN-fun part is keeping track of the price I pay for all these goodies, and, being in business, working in some profit for all this work!  With my accountant hubby, each kit has what I pay for all these goodies listed in order to come up with my ‘cost’ and then the retail selling price.  Therefore, each kit has an inventory number.   As of July 13, 2012, I have made over 1500 of these kits in the last 3 years.  After every show, I must list the inventory numbers so that hubby can delete them from the inventory list and know the ‘cost’ for accounting purposes.  YUCK!

Yarn and button 'shop'

Yarn and button ‘shop’

MY STASH:  oh yes, and along the way – I fall in love with different combinations, and they get invited back to MY stash – to become new, fresh jackets – either of existing designs, or for NEW designs….  AHHHHHHH

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