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Londa a Guest on Creative Mojo Podcast with Mark Lipinski

Mark Lipinski

Mark Lipinski of Creative Mojo Podcast

This afternoon, I was thrilled to be a guest for the first time on a national live Radio Show – Podcast, Creative Mojo … and with My friend, Mark Lipinski no less!  I met Mark years ago at a Round Bobbin Sewing Expo in St. Charles, MO.  He was teaching an all day class and kept bringing his students to my booth to shop all of my embellishments – especially my Artist Foil that I had at that show.

As it always is with this very funny guy, the interview was a joy.  Earlier that afternoon, he sent out an email to his subscriber list describing his weekly Wednesday show – with myself and 3 other guests.  I was honored to be in the company of such amazing women!

All this podcast stuff is new to me…there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day…but then, who knows….I’m actually texting these days – to my children’s absolute DELIGHT!  Anyway, as I understand it, you ‘ll be able to hear the interview (I was on in the  last half hour or so of the 2 hour show), when it gets posted at this site at the August 22, 2012 link:

Mark asked engaging questions that had us discussing creativity, why one would want to make garments when they are so inexpensive to buy, my book:  Sweatshirt Transformations just published by C&T Publishing, and more.  It was especially great to be able to share about my Talking Patterns™.  You can see how they work HERE.  And, for a closer look at some of my stylish jackets that FIT, created on a comfortable base of a top quality sweatshirt, click HERE.

I was especially thrilled that Mark grasped the fact that in my book, I’ve presented the techniques  in such a way that one can learn and utilize them to ultimately  taking off  to create their OWN, ORIGINAL jacket!

Sew……thanks so much, Mark, for the amazing opportunity to be on your wonderful show!

Sweatshirt Transformations published by C&T Publishing

Sweatshirt Transformations by Londa Rohlfing

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