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‘Living Well’ Design Work…

I’m hard at work on a ‘revised’ version of myLIVING pattern (current stock on sale for just $8!).  I came up with ‘Living Well’ because I pray that is what we all can be privileged to do – in so many ways!  AND because I would love to raise funds to drill ANOTHER well for an African Village.  We have a young couple (+ 3 small children!) from our church leaving for Africa for a 2 year mission trip – and they will be involved some with wells and water as well…so that has spurred my interest.  Also, Jenn will be teaching women there to sew – I can’t wait to talk to her more about that!!!  Anyway….. Here are few shots of my current ‘WORK’ (Ahhh if everyone could have such ‘work’!) !is the development of the 3rd and final jacket for this pattern.  It’s keeping me awake at nights – thinking and re-thinking the design, process, directions, etc. etc. etc……..

Design process of right front for new Living Well pattern

You can see in the photo below, that I’ve added yokes of polar fleece (both front and back) in order to have the additional length available for the jacket.  This is something that I’ve heard women desiring – so I’m developing directions for how to do this in this jacket.  Those yokes then will be covered up with embellishment, fabric on the outside, and fabric to cover/conceal on the inside.

Uhh – sometimes, this is the only way to get a ‘process’ photo when you’re home alone!

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