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Elvis T-Shirt + Nike Pants = New Jacket

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Sew... I was getting tired of stitching on black and grey, so on another recent trip to Memphis where our grandson 'had' to go to check out the Nike Outlet, I also added some more Elvis T's to my creating 'stash'. I was thrilled to find this 'pink' T-Shirt, and again, it has the same picture on both the front AND the back of the T-shirt. The front of the shirt has some added 'bling' - but that is on my work table as I type.

Starting with.... that T-Shirt and these red poly 'parachute' styled pants that are fully lined and VERY cool seaming,

Here's what I ended up with after a 10+ day process. It all 'came together' after multiple peeks into my STASH and finding the print poly init and fuchsia acrylic sweater fabric.

I DID take all these fabrics, and 'set' them with Synthrapol in a cool water 'bath'. However, this jacket is also lined and I definitely will label it as Dry Clean Only.

AND.... notice that in order to not have 'Elvis' looking off to the side, I lapped it left over right instead of right over left as women's jackets are supposed to be.

Back to the creation process:

Photo 1: Gathering together every fabric, trim, styling idea.

Photo 2: Adding possible buttons.

Photo 3: Refined choices (at least to start with).

Honestly, I'm not sure how I morphed from the Kayla Kennington Vogue Top pattern as pinned to the mannequin on the far right picture to a jacket, but that's what happened. (Actually, the color-coded Kennington Top is now about done as well, using the front of the T-shirt!).

The color combination was a problem from the beginning for me, because the flowers on this T -Shirt are both warm undertone (coral-ly) and cool undertone (fuchsia-bluey).