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Devoted Talking Pattern … a BIG Hit!

My newest pattern is ‘Devoted’ featuring scarves (long, 45″ square, and even ‘seeing’ pj pants ‘long’ fabric in the same manner) has been a top seller at the last 3 sewing expos/shows I’ve attended.  AND – it is really very simple.  Added features to the pattern are

* My technique for adding length to the available sweatshirt ‘fabric’ with a polar fleece addition at the hemline

* How to work a sturdy, properly sized pocket to the decorative lover front band – as in the Lilac Pashmina Scarf Jacket.

DEVOTED – front cover

Especially meaningful to me is the navy ‘Cardinal’ Jacket a shown in the lower right hand corner, as it features my late Dad’s Cardinal’s cotton knit pj pants.  Here is a closer look – can you see that the elastic waistband made the perfect cuff finish?

Look for the elastic waist band of the pj pants recycled into cuffs.

Look for the elastic waist band of the pj pants recycled into cuffs.

As in all of my new patterns, I’ve emphasized that my designs can be used on regular fabrics as well as a sweatshirt for the base…and that is the case with the black linen jacket featuring the large 45″ square silk scarf.  Here is a good picture of the lovely drape you get following my directions.

Lovely back drape achieved with large 45" square scarf.

Lovely back drape achieved with large 45″ square scarf.

Sorry I’ve not posted to my BLOG lately – it has been a VERY busy fall – and FACEBOOK has been my focus.  My intent is to post more regularly there, and leave my BLOG for longer, more informative posts.  Thanks for your interest!

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