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Design/Sewing Plans for Favorite New Fabric

Updated: May 28, 2022

The Mission

With these challenging days we are ALL in, this seems ever so trite, but I’m posting it anyway – to try to take our minds to another place, our love of sewing. 

My challenge: to come up with THE design into which to fashion this fabric that I ordered from (it’s now out of stock) and absolutely LOVE .

This fabric is a rayon/lycra blend that has been digitally printed – yielding all of the gorgeous colors as shown in this picture.   

Read below some of my considerations – ideas.  I have plans to make a new white pant and I also have a grey knit gored skirt that it blends with really well.  With the busy-ness of the print, a lot of seaming would be useless.  The length of the top I come up with or bottom hem shaping,  is REALLY important to make this top one that can STAY in my wardrobe for several seasons.  I have observed that the longer flowy tunics are not as popular for this spring-summer (2020), AND  the length of this top needs to be long enough to show off the print AND still work with a pant (likely to be worn with it more often) and the skirt.

  1. I feel that low necklines aren’t necessarily the most flattering – especially at my back neck.  I completely forgot to attack this goal in Green Top #1 (my next post) . While a V-neck is universally flattering, I don’t like to see revealed ‘cleavage’, so I’m very aware of front necklines that I think are too low!

  2. A versatile top with softness or some kind of drape or cowl at the neckline is in my thoughts. But, I have so many ‘typical’ cowl necklines from testing/sample-making for my Captivating Cowls pattern, that I really don’t want/need just one more cowl top, I don’t think so.

  3. A top with the ability to dress it up – or left more simple – a removable collar of some type perhaps?

I always tear designs out of mail-order catalogs, or screenshots as I crawl the internet.  Therefore, ideas are not the object…

Another fabric in my ‘make it up!’ pile is a sheer green poly open mesh print, also from  Honestly, I think I just played with copying a design I’d collected and identified as good for this fabric…because I couldn’t make up my mind on anything else regarding my ‘favorite fabric’.  Nonetheless, I have one more new top – to wear out once this Covid-19 event is over.

Green Top #1

Below at left is the print of the screenshot I took – as I remember, from the Soft Surroundings website.  At the right – myself in the top I created, making changes on my great base pattern:  Londa’s Terrific T Top.    Be sure to Subscribe to my Blog to read all about how I transformed my Basic T pattern to this V-neck, side-tie style.  To ‘line’ this see through fabric, I actually used another ‘re-cycle’ men’s knit shirt. 

inspiration photo

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