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Conventional Sewing – Bores me

OK – been working (too long) on the linen jacket version using my CHOSEN pattern … and, I must say – I am certainly convinced that my heart does not enjoy conventional sewing/tailoring any longer. Hemming, lining, slipstitching, – all seems boring and laborious to me after all my creative, to me – EASIER, more FUN sewing.

However, the jacket is DONE! And, pretty good proof that my designs are transferable to garments other than a sweatshirt!

The only ‘fun’ part has been the embellishment – the ‘trim’ I created from the linens, silk doupioni and yarn.

The first photo shows the linen stripe (which I interfaced with Pro Textured Weft Interfacing completely!) basically stitched up. I used Vogue ____ – a princess line jacket – that fit my requirements for a classic design.

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