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Cold Shoulder Tops: Thoughts on the Fashion Look

When it comes to something ‘NEW’ in fashion, in my opinion, the ‘COLD SHOULDER‘ or ‘bare shoulder’ or ‘naked shoulder’ seems ‘new’ and quite intriguing to me.  Why intriguing?  Because of the different base styles I’m seeing it on and the construction variations I observe.   AND, personally, I would far rather see a bit of naked shoulder than low-cut styles revealing the bust.  The look is fun, different and just a bit flirty.  Let’s take a look at some looks I’ve gathered, separating by base garment style.

Set-In Armhole Styles

Executed on a regular armhole, the above 3 styles are some of my personal favorites.  I’ve placed them here in a progression of how much shoulder is revealed.

Grey Top – just a bit of shoulder shows.  The curve line is repeated not only in the neckline, but also the hem.  Totally a great-looking, well-designed garment. On my ‘Make Me’ list

Coral Top – More shoulder.  Lower neckline ‘goes with’ the lower shoulder.  Definitely more ‘movie star’ of a look.

Stripe Top – I love this one!  Casual, flirty, and free-flowing.  I imagine it is a very lightweight knit jersey.  Definitely on my ‘Make Me’ list! This one for summer, and the Grey for winter with the long slim sleeves.

There is NO reason to buy a completely new pattern for these looks.  My Terrific T Knit Top pattern would work just fine! Just draw the preferred line on the sleeve, decide how to finish the upper edge, and construct the rest of the sleeve as normal, setting it in as normal.  Not that adventurous?  Never fear – a new T Variation PDF pattern is in my head and on the design table for this summer.

Raglan Sleeve Styles


Olive Green Top – Again, the lines are very pleasing! I love how the soft V neckline is echoed in the softly angled hemline.  The scooped ‘cold shoulder’ could be less – or more, as you desire.  This top is definitely made of a lightweight knit fabric.

Embroidered Top – OMG!  If you have an embroidery machine and the need for something this gorgeous – GO FOR IT! I actually DO have an embroidery machine, and it just isn’t something that I enjoy, but this one makes me want to power her up and get going!  Especially nice for ballroom dancing – which I’m lucky enough to still be able to do, and a hubby who enjoys it with me.  Perhaps this one IS on my “Make Me” list!

Khaki Top – Too slouchy, loose, and sleepwear looking for my personal taste.  Definitely, this top requires a SOFT fabric.  Don’t miss the hi front/low back feature.  Knit jersey or a soft crepe fabric would achieve this look.

Black/White Flounce Top – I’m confused here.  Certainly NOT for the office, which is what is implied in the photo styling – then again, these days, perhaps so.  Too ‘naked’ in my book for any time other than an evening affair.  If the pant is soft, flowy Palazzo style – I would like the entire look, but lose the glasses please!

Flounce Styles