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Cleaning Out My Studio

I haven't been sewing much the past month - as I've been an avid volunteer in a local Mayoral race to elect a strong Christian Mayor, and I'd do it again in a flash - even though we didn't have a victory. My Studio keeps busy teaching Kid's Summer Sewing Camps and some eager adults.

CLEANING OUT my studio is also 'on my plate'. It always amazes me how much more room there is in a drawer or a cabinet when you take things out and put them back in. Like many of you, I suspect being realistic about what I'll ever get around to using is something always on my mind as I clean out - so my 'sacrifices' might just be a treat for ya'll.

I've put all of these items in the Close-Out Category HERE.

I remember back in my shop days, that 'Christmas Sewing in July' was a popular pastime - especially when it got almost too hot to be outside in the garden as I quickly had learned that Sewists are often Gardeners as well. I suppose if one likes texture, color, scale and combining things that that makes alot of sense. Personally, I may not start actually SEWING gifts in July, but my mind is sure thinking and looking for ideas for the little ones. I have 3 granddaughters: 7. 5. 3 and a grandson over a year. They have TOO MANY CLOTHES anyway, so I'm always in sear4ch of interesting, play-able gifts that just might make it into the 'save for my kids cause Nana Made It' box someday. How about YOU? PLEASE comment if you have made any gifts for little ones that you'd like to share. That would make for a really neat GUEST BLOG.

Moving my 'office' from the bedroom to overlooking my flower garden here in my Sunroom Sewing Studio has been an absolute DELIGHT! I get to watch hummingbirds feed, butterflies flit around, and to just - in general, enjoy what I also work hard on, especially early mornings. Here's my 'view' that I an enjoy as I type really well without looking at the keyboard. And no, even out here I have a messy desk. Actually - my flower beds are kept neater than my desk - OR my sewing 'stuff' in general. That was a swimming pool in the backyard, which was filled in when we purchased the house - of which I am quite glad. The sunflower fence mural was my 'Covid Sanity', and you can read about it an oder Blog Post HERE. I'm disappointed that it is starting to flake off - despite having primed every petal and put a poly urethane coating over it. I've decided to just let it 'age' and then I may well re-do it as I was smart enough to keep my paints. Whooma, I just took a peak at that old Blog and it is startling how much the mural has faded over 3 years. I must say though, I kinda like it softer - as it is now. Kinda like us ladies - 'softening as we age', eh?

Anyway.... back to my 'finds' that you well may like to scoop up for YOUR sewing pleasure. I suppose I just love to collect sewing project books, especially with teaching kids, but the truth is that I already have SO many projects that I've worked up, with directions, and tested well for students, that I find myself too lazy to work on new ones. Therefore, I'm letting go of these THREE - NO: make it TWO, as after seeing if I can still get this Hatchlings book, AND looking on Amazon and Ebay and finding NONE - I guess this is a collector's item. That made the decision to be stingy and to KEEP this book kind of EZ..... sorry!

Watch for a BLOG on those little critters and eggs that they fit inside of....

But - this one, I WILL let go of, because - well, just BECAUSE.....

This is a hardback book in great shape, but the lower edge of the Book paper cover spine is ripped - sorry. Click on the image below to make it YOURS. On Sale for $18.95.

Whimsical is the best adjective I can come up with to describe the dolls and animal soft toys in SEW CUTE TO CUDDLE. Honestly, these projects do look easier than the Hatchlings animals.

I searched, and there aren't many of these books available 'out there'.

$22.99 on sale for $19.99

Miscellaneous other 'good stuff' like the 2nd Needle Board (for pressing velvets), a great little travel iron, a mobile and other sewing 'goodies' can all be found at the CLOSE-OUT Department. The newest items are at the beginning of that department. You'll even find some older sewing machine accessories. I recently loved it when a gal found a bunch of my old Pfaff 7550 and 7570 accessories I had put up in the Close-Out Department and was SEW SEW excited! I can tell you that 'mad $$$ let me go shopping for MORE FLOWER PLANTS!

A Londa Original garments have been marked down! I've shared previously that the prices I have these garments at are ridiculously low when one considers the time and skill and materials it takes to create them. It just makes me so sad and mad to realize that we are ALL so spoiled with the ability to pay next to nothing for clothing, but that it is all because others are being paid slave labor to do the sewing!

Alas, I just 'NEED TO SEW', and love to Blog about what I do - so if they don't find new homes soon, I have decided that I'll just gift these to the local shelters/rehab places for women. Sew... check them out - as sometimes it IS fun to 'gift' yourself, or even to do some early shopping for the holidays that WILL roll around before you know it. I've put some 'gallery' pictures of some of them below, but there are many more.

Shop my Collection at this link:

TRULY - if you have discovered some really great patterns/ideas for unique things to make your children/grandchildren with your sewing skills, please CONTACT ME! I'd love to share these - and any hints YOU might have in a future Blog. Be a GUEST BLOGGER!

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