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Christmas ‘Living’™ Creative Sweatshirt Jacket

I was excited about  completing my new jacket version of the Living™ Talking Pattern™ last week and uploaded a new Album on my business Facebook Page…but now I want to take a minute to repeat those photos here and share more regarding the creative process that I so love.

Christmas Living™ Sweatshirt Jacket

Inspired totally by the angular button shapes and colors

If you look closely at the set of 3 buttons from Crone Art Fimo Clay Buttons on this jacket – you can see that THEY WERE THE INSPIRATION.  I sell amazingly beautiful buttons of this type only at the Sewing Expos and guild/shop  appearances since they are one of a kind and therefore would take forever to scan, measure, describe and put on my site.  🙂  However… you can always contact me with specific color/size/shape needs and ‘m most happy to snap a picture of some that qualify and email it over to you!

I especially loved the touch of purple in them – feeling that capitalizing on that color with the ‘typical’ green and red Christmas color theme would take it beyond solely a ‘Christmas’ look.

Determining which color to use for binding edges.

Determining which color to use for binding edges.

Here you can see that even though I had already applied an iridescent hot pink/green silk binding to the jacket’s right front edge – at this point I realized I didn’t like the ‘pink’ that was showing in that fabric, AND I really was considering the emphasis on the purple that I ended up with.

Look closely and you can see that yes – I had even mitered those points of the binding.  OFF they came.  Creative sewing definitely includes UN-SEWING!!!

That is…if you are like most creative people – and have to ‘try it’ before you can see if you ‘like it’.  Kudos to you if you can ‘see’ the result ahead and always KNOW if you’re going to like it or not!

After I had committed to the front closing edge shape, decided on how much of the left front’s Underlap to let be exposed, and created interfaced facings for both the left and the right front edges, it was time to play wit the hem silhouette.  Here you can see what I came up with.  This is why details like exact hem length and shape are NOT included in my Talking Patterns, but rather my personal explanation and teaching you HOW to determine this for YOUR project IS included.  Much, much more fun – and even educational in the long run!                  

Playing to decide atractive hem silhouette and length.

Inside look at the overlapped left front.

See here the inside of the Left Front.

Look closely here at the inside of the jacket’s left front.  Because I wanted the green silk dupioni to ‘peek’ substantially to the right of the right front edge on the jacket, I set it over further than the cut edge on the jacket’s left front.  THAT is why the stitching line is further to the left edge.  I eventually trimmed back the excess green sweatshirt edge closer to the stitching.  ‘

The black you see here is Pro Woven Fusible Interfacing from Pam Erny that I love.

If you look very closely, you can see that I’ve serged the right most edge of this interfaced silk Underlap.

Exposed left front of jacket - the Underlap I created.

This decided, THEN I could go back and tweek the side seam fit.  I DID use Fronts, Back and Sleeve patterns as found in my Book 2, or Genesis Too™ Talking Pattern™ or Refined Too™ Talking Pattern™ to create the basic part of this jacket, as I wanted the sleeve up at it’s natural location on my shoulder.   You can do the same – even if you do NOT have my bodice pattern.  Just make use of ANY jacket pattern that fits you the way you want it to.  Cut the back, and the sleeves out of the available sweatshirt – which I ‘see’ as just fabric once the ribbings are cut off.  For the Fronts, obviously leave it cut on the center font fold, and cut neck, shoulder, armscyes, and side seams ONLY.  THEN you your buttons down – and go to work designing a pleasing edge line for the front closure that looks good with YOUR buttons.