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Change & Clean Your Closet to find ‘FABRIC’!

Finally home (except for my 3rd Annual Retreat this Thur-Sun), I have now changed & cleaned my closet for the spring & summer season.

Below, you can see the ‘fabric’ I found!  Garments I did not wear all fall/winter, but I LOVE the fabric, so down to my ‘studio’ I took these garments.

Clothing to re-cycle as FABRIC!

Starting at the upper left:  Ahhh, my kimono jacket and acid-washed One Seam Pant that I created by piecing together my favorite kimono silk from a fabric tour to Japan back in – (I think) 1997.  I just don’t dress up in silks any longer, and can sure see this re-cycled into one of my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets – ala the ‘Distinctive’ jacket from the front of my Sweatshirt Transformations Book.

Center Top… Dark Green: the textured green is another pair of wide, high-waisted One Seam Pants that I can easily recycle into a T-Top since without a side seam, I have 2 large, long pieces of FABRIC.  The other piece there is a tailored, long, full Big Shirt of green silk charmeuse.  Probably will cut up for the lovely silk fabric…and it will end up in a jacket kit.

Coral knit top:  this one has metallic in it – and it just itches my skin – so it will also end up in a jacket kit.

Mauve curved print silk – upper row 2nd from the right right:  A lovely silk crepe shirt.  It is comfy since I cut the sleeves on the bias, but I just didn’t wear it – so, again – it will probably end up in a jacket kit.

Periwinkle sanded silk – upper right:  Lovely fabric – destined for my wearable art stash!

Tropical cotton wrap skirt – right side:  This skirt just wrinkles terribly, and I never wear it – so again, it will end up on a jacket.  I can see Texture Magic used behind some of the big flowers, free-motion stitched with monofilament and then ‘shrunk’ so the fabric would pucker in a life-like manner.

Grey texture – center of pile:  This is a Sewing Workshop ‘Mission Jacket’ in a lovely, loosely-woven grey wool.  Around the neck, I even had some fringed edge of the fabric.  Totally lined – big shoulder pads…..destined to become a strikingly sophsticated and stylish sweatshirt jacket!

Dark circle Rayon – below grey in center:  This is an expensive German viscose rayon print – made in the Barcelona Dress from Textile Studio.  Just long, kinda frumpy style now – so with the large bias skirt pieces – I could do lots of stuff.  I think I’d wear it most as a simple top.  I will cut the sleeves on the bias for comfort – actually, probably the entire top – in a cowl neck using the technique from my Captivating Cowl Talking  Pattern™.  

Left side – light pink:  this is a Sewing Workshop Tahoe Skirt – and though I was tickled to realize it still fits, just VERY long, and I haven’t worn it – even last summer, so now off to the wearable art stash it goes!  A silk/cotton blend, it will be lovely recycled as most anything.  Ahh – this would be a lovely ‘palette’ on which to play with Paintstiks.  I like the idea of the irridescent pastels. 

There you have it – my ideas and plans for what to do with clothing as you clean/change your closet.

I might add that there was plenty of other pieces that went into the Goodwill stack, and promptly to my car (after I made a list of them for tax purposes) to deliver to our neighborhood drop off store on my next trip out!

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