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BIRTHED: Creative Sweatshirt Jackets…Londa’s Way Book TWO

WOW! I feel as if I’ve given birth to 9 more ‘children’! Adding to the 5 jackets in my first book, find

  1. Complete TALKING™ directions for every Basic Direction task and EVERY jacket

  2. BOTH of my Fitting Techniques included

  3. NEW embellishment ‘wrapping’ edges techniques perfected!

  4. COLOR photography throughout the book!

  5. LOTS of additional photos at the associated online website (as given INSIDE the book)

I squeezed this task into my very active creative and traveling schedule late last year and the first months of this year, working VERY diligently to ‘give birth’ to this new product. It seemed a logical step as the stock of my first book was about depleted.

To purchase the book AND one each of the VERY IMPORTANT Stay Tapes that you NEED in order to create jackets that look like mine (regularly $7.50 each – and NOT available in chain styores!), go here:

Many thanks to the confident customers and students who pre-ordered this book at both the Puyallup Creative Sewing Stitchery Expo in early March and the Lakeland, FL Original Sewing & Quilting Expo mid March. Your copies are mailing first class USPS Mail today and tomorrow (April 4 & 5).

Once again, I couldn’t have accomplished this without the able and creative assistance of my wonderfully talented and artistic son, Jeff. As you listen to the audio and see all the photos, it is HIS skills that make this possible! Way to go, Jeff! Dear Husband Charley encourages me along the way – and diligently stuffs the envelope of patterns into the back of each book, and manages all the BOXES!

Also thanks to Shelley at my friendly local printer, Upclose Printing here in Champaign, IL. She hung with me through countless revisions and corrections!

Down to the ‘order fulfillment center’…. ala the basement…. I go! SAVE Since you read about it on my BLOG – click HERE for the Book ONLY and save! clickHERE for the Book and 2 Fusible Stay Tape  Deal.

For Londa’s books, patterns, and supplies as described in her sewing escapades, please see Londa’s Creative Threads –

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