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Answers to Sharp Questions…Learn all about Scissors and Shears

Scissors are ‘part and parcel’ to every seamstress.  Here are some interesting facts about scissors.

Kai 5220 Shears

Kai 5220 Shears

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Scissors is one of those unusual nouns that is both singular and plural in the same form: scissors. Another example is deer. You have one deer or several deer. You can have one scissors or a bunch of scissors. Scissor (without an s) is a verb. Like you ‘scissor’ your legs across each other as an exercise.

Is it a Scissors or a Shear?

A Scissors can only take one finger in each finger ring.

A shears will allow more than one finger into the finger ring. A beauty or grooming shears is called a shears because it has a finger rest or ‘tang’ extending out that allows one to use 2 fingers in cutting.

Read all about left handled vs left bladed scissors – there IS a difference!

‘Leftie’ Scissors Facts Some basic understanding: On a right-handed scissors, the upper blade is the one on the right hand side as you are looking down on the scissors as you hold them in your hand. You can see where you are cutting, as the upper blade is to the back – or right hand side as you are working.

So – for a genuine Left-handed scissors, it is the opposite – when holding the scissors and looking down on the blades, the upper cutting one is on the left. You would be able to see where you are cutting because the upper blade is the back – or left hand side as you are working.

The placement of the blades (as above) is one factor. The handles are another factor. Handles are either right-handled or left-handled – obviously for the comfort of which ‘handedness’ you are.

Understanding that …

The k-5210-L is a genuine left-handed scissors with left-handed blades – and will not work if a left-handed person is used to working with right handled scissors, as they will actually be pulling the blades away from each other – preventing the cutting action from taking place properly. Look for the term “True or Genuine Left Handed Scissors/Shears” on this website to identify other models that are left bladed and left handled.

The k-5220-L then is a left-handled shears (the handles themselves fit in the left hand) with right- handed blades. These scissors have been designed to work for a left-handed person who has learned to cut with right-handed scissors – (and actually sell faster than the true left handed scissors the k-5210-L). HOWEVER: this style – with right-handed blades, will continue to block the eye path.

If a ‘Leftie’ can retrain their hand to cut properly with a genuine left handed and handled shears (k-5210-L), they will be better off as they will be able to see where they are cutting.


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