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Alabama Chanin-Inspired Knit T Top by Londa



I discovered this reverse applique ‘look’ on Pinterest – and was immediately intrigued and ‘hooked’.  Then, when I saw that my sewing supply source was offering her books for sale, I immediately ordered them into stock (for me) AND to sell!



There are 2 books.  The first is ‘Alabama Stitch Book‘.  Treat yourself to an afternoon reading and studying this book!  Natalie is a designer who returned to her Florence, AL roots to develop her line of hand-made garments featuring stenciling and reverse applique.  She is a purist, to be sure – and in this fast-paced world, that is a beautiful thing.  The 2nd book is Alabama Studio Patterns – consisting mainly of a princess line silhouette and A-line skirt.  I loved doing the stitching on my top while awaiting the birth of our first granddaughter – so my T Shirt ‘Chanin’ top will always remind me of that precious time.  After studying the book, I came to several conclusions:

  1.  This would take some TIME, but not a whole bunch of skill.

  2.  After reading the book, I knew that I would basically start with two 100% cotton T-shirts – ready-made, cut them according to my