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YES…Quality Fashion Fabric IS Available!

I keep hearing over and over that “You just can’t buy good fashion fabric any longer.”  Well – fashion fabric independent stores (such as I used to have myself) ARE a rare thing to find these days, but really, there IS some quite nice quality fashion fabric available – even at your local JoAnn’s Fabric Store.  Yep – JoAnn’s and even some at Hobby Lobby!   Mind you, not ALL of it, but if you learn textile terminology and educate your fingers to the ‘feel’ and eyes to the ‘drape’ of fabrics, you’ll be excited and find it hard to buy only what you ‘need’ – even at the local chain store.  For learning Textile Terminology, I worked VERY hard on a PDF product:  Textiles for the Seamstress – a great buy at $12.95.  Order it HERE.

I am joined in my feelings by a well-respected gentleman in today’s sewing circles:  Christopher Nejman.  Inspiring this blog post, find Chris’ on the same topic can be found HERE.

I snapped many pics on my visit there – and share them with you here to give you the ‘tour’ of what caught MY eye.


THREE ’rounders’ of Nicole Miller fabric – each prettier than the next, and top quality – and at 40% off the day of my visit.  The pricing is reasonable in the first place, then with the sales and coupons for non-sale pieces – you can’t beat it.  Independent retailers, such as myself in the past, could never afford to offer sale pricing like the chainstores do on a regular basis! Let’s look closer at some of those Nicole Miller fabrics.


I’m always ‘on the lookout’ for fabrics with 2 useable sides.  This black and white stick-type texture had a nice reverse.  Then, I found a tan with a black ‘reverse’ and a 2 tone aqua.  These are ‘double cloths’ that would make the loose, swingy, cascade front jacket effects beautifully! 

The day I was there – these were regularly $16.99 and 40% off.


Especially attractive were the full-bodied poly/lycra prints for activewear.  If you are ‘into’ the tights-type pants, these would be great pants.  Personally, I don’t leave the house in them, but for those with shapely young legs and ‘behinds’, these are perfect.


There were some GORGEOUS, texture-rich outer-wear prints as I’ve shown below.  A single layer in a simple jacket would suffice for ‘winter’ here in TN (or it better be!).


The Nicole Miller fabric displays had beautiful coordinating pieces as well as shown here.  Most of these were full-bodied double knits, perfect for fall/winter separates.  The one on the right..I see as a lovely long skirt worn with black boots.