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YEAH!!! Wide-Legged Pants Make Huge COME-BACK!

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

A recent trip to a Memphis area ‘hoity toity’ (as my sister calls it) shopping district gave me the chance to do some of my favorite Snoop Shopping.  ALAS, wide-legged pants are making a comeback. Though I initially wrote this in 2018....I would have to admit that it has taken until now: June 2022 for this wide-legged look to REALLY get back into 'vogue'. My guess is that with the lockdowns from Covid, what we wore just didn't matter much for 20-22...hence it took longer for this wide-legged AND high-waisted look to gather steam .....

Seen at Anthropologie

My first stop was at Anthropologie.  I snapped some pictures, but decided to go online to their website to make sure my ‘conclusion’ was on point.  Indeed, under Pants, you can select either Wide Leg offering  97 results,  or Slim Leg – which goes to ‘Cigarette Pants’ offering 35 results.  I rest my case.  Below are some images of a few of my personal favorites.  Another side note:  32 of those 97 wide leg offerings were JUMPSUITS – which takes me back to my college days.

Sew…why do I say ‘YEAH’???  Because I feel ladies should leave something to the imagination as we dress.  Period.  IMHO all of these VERY skinny ‘pants’ and leggings’ leave NOTHING to the imagination.  I just worked quite a few hours in my studio working to come up with my own ‘slim’ fit that looks ‘new’ but still lady-like, yet NOT TOO revealing.

flounce hemmed pant
patch pocket wide legged jeans