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Wrapped Edge How-To’s for Wearable Art

I developed these How-To’s for the edges of my creative sweatshirt jackets.  I share everything about my techniques in this new video on my YouTube Channel, including stabilization of the edges on a knit with Straight Fusible Stay Tape so they don’t stretch.

You’ll also learn how to calculate the width you need for any application.

Here are some pictures of jackets of mine on which I used these techniques.  More can be seen at the Creative Inspiration category on my website HERE.   In fact, with the closeout of this portion of my business, all of my books,  patterns, and a great DVD are offered at drastically low sale pricing HERE.

AND, if you happen to be a Size 10-14, there are still some great sample jackets of mine available HERE  

They’d love to be adopted into your wardrobe!

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