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When A Garment Sewer Makes a Quilt

Updated: May 26, 2022

The Task

A new grandSON is on his way: 2-22-22, so once again this NaNa needed to make a baby quilt. This will be our 5th grandchild – all lovingly birthed by dear daughter Carmen. All but #1 Grandson Cole’s quilt (which was a full-size quilt created with the help of my quilting guru sister, Laurie), have been baby-size quilts, so for this garment sewist, it is a manageable project.

You must understand, I am NOT a quilter – and truly I don’t even enjoy it much, at all.

My Past

Back when I had my retail storefront, a quilting department and classes were a ‘necessary evil’ in my mind. While I enjoy the mixing of fabrics and geometry of it all, the precision and repetitive nature honestly drive me CRAZY! To prove I CAN do it, and even to remember that I TAUGHT how to do it in our $5 Quilt Club monthly meetings, I keep one of those $5 Quilts here in my Sunroom Sewing Studio – covering up the bins of my creative sewing fabric stash.

I’m just a free creative soul, so following a pattern, making things match, etc. and doing the same thing over and over again is NOT my cup of tea. Ahhhh but for a grandson (likely the last), and to think that perhaps these quilts will be kept and treasured, well – that’s what Grandmas do, right?

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