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Wednesday Wardrobe Hint: Don’t Believe the Lie of Fashion Magazines

Thanks (again) to Nancy Nix Rice for sharing this video at the beginning of 2017 for a dose of reality as many of us look again at our wardrobes.  I find when the season hints of change, that I need to RE-LOOK at everything in terms of

  1.  My Lifestyle and NEEDS.

  2. What I have worn – or NOT worn, and WHY

  3. My favorites – and WHY

BUT, this video also alerts us to what INFLUENCES us and is worth a quick 3 1/2 minute watch. Click on tis link

I’m doing my best to teach ‘my girls’ in class at Londa’s Sunroom Sewing Studio here in Jackson, TN some basics.  Yesterday we learned:

  1. Light Colors Advance and make you (and parts) look LARGER.  

I shared that I never wear light colored shoes on my size 11 feet for that reason!

  1. Your best ‘neutral’ and all-around great color for you in VALUE (light or dark) is your Hair Color 

Then I demonstrated how poor I looked in the dark navy/white print.  It was rewarding to see the lightbulbs go on in their faces! They were one proud bunch, so (with permission from their moms), I share their photo of (pretty much) done, and modest (their choices in length)  styling of this first dress for most of them.

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