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Wardrobe Organization Ideas

Exhausted from a traveling weekend (though a wonderful one with family), I’m sharing some very valuable information again from my wardrobe-expert friend, Nancy Nix Rice.  Be sure to go check out her Blog at:

When I clicked on the Week 2 of this Style Tips series, I had to giggle, as my cousin had proudly explained and  showed me how she organizes her clothing in her new Independent living studio apartment.  “Alphabetical by Color” as she said and added “I circulate through the colors – in order, a new one each day.”  Brilliant I think – makes the ‘deciding’ EZ, I guess!  She allowed me to snap a photo so here it is.

alphabetical by color wardrobe

My TWO Closets

When I moved into my ‘new’ Jackson, TN home, I ended up tickled to death about my dressing area/bathroom with TWO closets – mirrored doors.  I thought alot about it, and eventually organized the two as I state below.  So far it works and even when I do the seasonal change, I think I’ll stay with this plan.  Within each, I have separated garments:  pants, tops, jackets, dresses (only dresses in Closet 2)

 *1st closet: “Going out, wanna look nice, but casual’

 *2nd closet: “Grungy ‘not for public’ around the house clothes at the left/dressy – dancing clothes at the right

101 Style Shortcuts Nancy Nix-Rice Wardrobe

By hanging clothes according to type and color, you’ll always find what you’re looking for.


color organize your closet

Haute Hangers Get rid of the wire hangers from the dry cleaners and invest in nicer ones to support the shape of your lovely clothes. I like the swivel-hook plastic ones for tops and dresses and the clip style for pants and skirts. But even plastic tubular hangers are better than wire, and you can find them for as little as 8 cents each.

Make Room Avoid over-filling your closet and you’ll also avoid unwanted wrinkles and creases. If you’re short on space, even after your clean-out, try a two-tier system. Organizing stores sell extra rods you can attach to the original one – no tools required – which allows you to hang a row of blouses and jackets below your skirts and pants.

hot to fold a sweater