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Update & Ramblins’…Death of Rich & Famous

Back from Cincinnati Show with my A#1 helper, Cyndi – what adventures we have!!! Conclusion: Shows are HARD WORK!!! Packing – unloading – setting up booth – unpacking, setting product – selling – teaching – sleeping/eating in strange places -un-setting booth – packing – packing car – travelling – unloading – re-setting merchandise so I can fill orders…..only to do a repeat of all of the above at end of next week.

Sew…tell me WHY I EVER thought we could jump into taping the new DVD about creating 2 jackets the day after we get back???? Craziness!!!

Sometimes, God stops us in our tracks for a reason! Wow – am I ever grateful…no reason to give you all the ‘exciting’ details – but suffice to say that the message was clear – NOT NOW! Let’s just say that safety is #1 – and putting family first is what it’s all about.

SEW…the DVD about creating 2 jackets – from beginning to end is on HOLD until the time seems right – and REASONABLE!

Meanwhile….just found out that the just-delivered 1000 professionaly-done DVD’s Ultimate Edition Version 2 on Creative Sweatshirt Jacket that we just got in in time to sell in Cincinnati are faulty – the pdf portion is missing! That mystery will be solved today and of course – a correction made. Everyone who purchased from me in Cincinnati – PLEASE get in touch with me so that I can get you a new, correct copy! Again – God at work to discover this before I sold too many……

Ramblins…. I hate the bathroom facilities in public places! How lazy are we anyway???? I mean really – I can’t use my little fingers to: 1. Flush when I’m good and ready…if I wanted to sit on a bidet – I’d like to select it myself…really! 2. Push the soap lever so I get the soap for washing hands…that automatic thing just dribbles soap onto the counter – what a waste! 3. Turn on the faucet to use it as long as I need: no more, no less 4. And this one REALLY gets me – feeling like an utter FOOL waving my dripping wet hands in front of the paper towel dispenser to get out a towel to dry…

Anyone out there agree???

And – sorry, but I’m just not ‘torn up’ regarding the death of Michael Jackson. Yea – I liked some of his music, and I certainly think he was a talented dancer. However, the lesson I wish would be being made clear regarding his death – and that of the other rich & famous lately is that no matter how much money you make – no matter how famous you become – in the end, the only thing that really matters is if you have a personal relationship with God through his son, Jesus. It’s not my place to judge whether Michael, Farrah, Ed…are in heaven or hell, but it all just makes me that much more happy that I know that I DO know that my faith in Jesus will lead me to an everlasting life that knows a joy far, far greater than anything I can ever attain in this world. THAT gives me peace beyond measure…and I pray it does for you as well.

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