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Up-Cycle Fashion Sewing Fun

Updated: May 26, 2022

Honestly, I’m not sure when this vintage quilt top made its way into my ‘stash’, but it recently surfaced saying “Make me into something new!” In the middle of the picture below you see the quilt top, and other pieces I found to make my “Three-some” with which I like to create. A piece of yarn-dyed chambray from my stash, and a sleeveless seersucker jumpsuit. Again – I have no idea where that jumpsuit came from, but somewhere along the line, perhaps at a thrift store, I ‘saw’ it as a striped fabric and added it to my GREY Stash Box.


Here’s a larger photo of just the vintage quilt top….

The quilt top is a combination of hand-pieced and machine-stitched piecing. As you can see by the inside shot below of the interior of the shirt I made, it is quite ‘raggy’ and UN-finished, to put it mildly. I decided that ‘finish’ it part of the charm – of even the ‘new’ Shirt and Duster garments I created.

Also in the photo below, you can see the great fabrics in this quilt – each one of them is ‘Yarn-dyed’ rather than printed. I love, love, love fabrics like these – which is why I elected to save this Vintage top when it came my way as part of a regular stream of boxes of ‘sewing stuff’ given to me because I teach kids to sew in my Sunroom Sewing Studio. There ARE some ‘age’ spots on this quilt top, which of course I tried to get out during the laundering process, without success. Again – I decided those spots are just part of the charm of the garments.

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