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Try a SEWING Retreat …. to RELAX

Prescription for sewing FUN – a Sewing Retreat where you can…

  1. Sew 24/7

  2. Sleep – whenever!

  3. Food prepared and served

  4. Friends: old + new

alt="compass retreat centre"

Melissa and her staff have created a ‘heaven on earth’ retreat centre out in the TX Prairie at Mt. Calm, TX – in the WACO area.  If you’ve never been on a sewing RETREAT – I highly advise you check out Retreat Centers that cater to sewers.  While most will be slanted to those who quilt, I found my creative sewing projects ‘fit in’ and ‘fed’ their sewing interests, just as their quilting and crafting fed my creative brain.  This was a special treat for me, as for the first time, I was on the ‘participant’ side of a Retreat, rather than being the organizer/instructor.  Other retreat centers I can recommend from my personal experience are:

Threads of Time – Danville, IL  – no food, but there is a kitchen.  Nice rooms + a huge room for sewing, great chairs, and a FABRIC STORE!

Pati’s Last Resort – Grandbury, TX

Lake Yale Baptist Retreat Center  – Lake Yale, FL  where you can structure your own retreat.  No fabric available though…

PLEASE ADD RETREAT CENTERS catering to sewers that you know of in the COMMENTS below! 

My sister has gone to this retreat for about 5 years now, and last year, I suggested that if I met her there, that it would be a fun yearly ‘sister’ thing.  Let’s just say the dates are ON MY CALENDAR already for 2018!  The only damper on the weekend was 5 or so deciding to return ‘home’ to the Houston area to be with family and at home for the devastation headed their way with Harvey and it’s aftermath.  At this writing, they are all doing OK.  Many of the gals went home, and are returning for Labor Day Weekend – my sister included!!! What lucky ladies THEY are.

alt="Melissa n Judy new products

Melissa is shown at the right above, along with her assistant, Julie as they show off new products.  The GREAT THING about this retreat centre is the FABRIC STORE right there that features BATIKS BATIKS and MORE BATIKS, plus just great ‘mixing’ fabrics.  They operate by you cutting your own fabric as needed, and adding to your running hand-written invoice, then settling up at the end.  The RETREAT COST for 3 nights and 6 prepared meals and breakfast selections for 2 mornings was just $260!!! Though I drove from TN to TX, with a stay along the way each direction, my total cost was just around $600 including gas. THAT is a GREAT DEAL for 3 nights and 3 total days of sewing plus 6 prepared meals!!!


My recommendation?  Take MORE than you think you can ever accomplish.  You  might surprise yourself!!!  Some gals stayed up all night.  2 lazyboy recliners in the corner offered a wonderful place to relax, yet still ‘be with the action’.

I took along

  1. 3 project boxes, full of color-coordinated ‘fabric’ and garments awaiting re-cycling from my stash.  I also took:

  2. thread – plenty of thread color-coordinated to your possible projects.

  3. embellishments

  4. all sewing notions

  5. interfacing and stabilizing tapes, fusible web, etc.

  6. iron, cutting mat, rotary cutter, machine, serger (though I forgot my foot pedal and cord for the serger – SILLY ME!) There were cutting mats, so I didn’t need to set mine up.

  7. For garment/design work, I took my Duct Tape Double dressform


My little sister is a quilter extraordinaire!  She is the ‘GO-To Gal’ for picking fabrics – for sure!  She just has that ‘eye’ for color and pattern mixing.  Proud to claim her! Her project is pretty simple, but features batiks she and new hubby picked up in Hawaii on their recent honeymoon.  This will become a throw quilt on their sofa.

alt="Laurie quilt"

RV Quilt Hanging

Donna and her hubby are ‘RV’ residents – cruising the country.  She did this ADORABLE embellished RV quilt hanging.

alt="Donna RV Quilt"

Mary’s Coloring Quilt

Mary took a pattern that looked ‘old’ and, with my sister Laurie’s help picking sashing and borders, came up with this awesome quilt hanging.  Each square was colored with markers and embellished with embroidery.  It really took my breath away!

alt="Mary quilt"
alt="mary with quilt"