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Tribute to a Great Big Brother…now with Jesus

My big brother is with Jesus. It happened pretty suddenly – the illness – but I was so fortunate to have been able to get there on Monday before he passed to Jesus’ arms. I even got to apologize – once again, for stabbing him with knitting needles when I was about 10! He was not quite 63 and had just retired. Lessons to learn? Just what he said not long before on one of our last times together after his first round in the hospital…”I’ve learned not to put things off – to go ahead and live and do the things I dreamed about NOW”.

This week I’ve been so comforted as I Re-read about what the ‘Present Heaven’ is like now for my brother – the Word of God made clearer with insight from Randy Alcorn in HEAVEN. And just this morning – reading a new book, Heaven is Real: Lessons on Earthly Joy by Don Piper who wrote 90 Minutes in Heaven. He quotes an anonymous saying: “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, you will rejoice and the world will cry.” That will certainly be true of my big brother, Roger Luer. He was a wonderful photographer! . Enjoy his work that so celebrates life and this beautiful world at his site here where you can even order photos. I will be SO proud of him and the life he lived as we celebrate his life Friday and Saturday.

God is answering prayers already…Mommy (with Alzheimers) has had a few days of clarity and truly seems to understand the loss. Yet, she hasn’t asked about the funeral – to which it would be impossible to take her. She knows her firstborn will be in Heaven to welcome her. My sister got here safely all the way from the east coast to Austin, then driving here. I just pray for safe travel for everyone coming.

I’m so lucky to have friends all over the country from business…one just wrote this morning that after her brother died she asked him to ‘drop’ nickles to let her know he was there. She finds lots of nickles. Then she does something nice for his wife – and finds dimes each time.

Consider God’s timing in what I’ve been reading! Just on Monday morning in taping my Video Email- hours before my brother died, I shared about reading and studying for the last 2 months HEAVEN and Heaven is for Real. God has prepared me for this time. But for now…I must mourn and walk through the valley of the shadow. I do so knowing I am prepared for the next life in Paradise because I believe Jesus came and died to make that possible. I pray you do as well.

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