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Tough Man Work Pants Mending – Continued

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

It is a joy to have a son-in-law in carpenter’s training who works so hard that he makes LOTS of holes in his work pants.

Sometimes I’m honored to get to RE-mend some pairs.  You can go back to my post of   July 19,2017  and can offer this additional advice.  Plan on work/wear-tested updates as they reveal themselves!

Below, see the current challenges – and my solutions.  I didn’t think to take photos until after mended, so the stitching you’re seeing is from the mending process.    In general, for several reasons, I decided to try patching on the TOP side rather than the bottom.  I used polyester thread and a size 90 Jeans/Denim Needle.  I’ll talk about a tension frustration in a bit….

For patches, KEEP KEEP KEEP a ‘past mending’ pair of pants of various colors!!!!  I can’t stress that enough.

Back Yoke Mended - Inside view